Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before proceeding with a service from Vogue Style Hire. If you decide that Vogue Style Hire is the service for you, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree to Vogue Style Hire’s Terms of service, then please do not use the service.



  • We understand that accidents happen, if any damage occurs to the hired garment during the customers hire period, they must immediately notify Vogue Style Hire with photos of the damage. We respectfully ask that you do not try to fit into or zip a dress that is not the right size or fit for your shape.
  • Please think of others and how you’d like to receive the dress, be mindful of stains such as perfume, spray tan, food & drinks on the garment. This will help you to avoid additional fees
  • The garment is for your use only, not matter how much your bestie might be begging to borrow it! It must stay in your possession and control for the entire hire period
  • We love all shapes, sizes and individuality, but our garments MUST not have any alterations, additions or be tampered with in any way…they love being just the way they!
  • We all love a bronzed goddess…but if you choose to use fake tanning products, they must be applied at least 2 days prior to wearing the garment and thoroughly washed off your body to ensure they do not stain our beautiful items.
  • Rent, Wear, RETURN the hired garment in the pre-paid returns satchel provided inside the original satchel before 4pm on the last day of the hire period. If you elect to pickup/drop off, the garment MUST be returned at the time agreed on at pick up to avoid a late charge.  




We love to be playful, but serious face now…If you are using the Site or Services and you reside in Australia, you are contracting with Vogue Style Hire (ABN 66663845752). By using the Site, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service ("Terms"), whether or not you become a customer user of the Services.

The customer agrees to pay all amounts due in clear funds from the date of invoice for the product and services provided by Vogue Style Hire. The customer agrees that if he/she fails to pay in accordance with this clause Vogue Style Hire may withhold the hire with no refund, exchange or credit. 

Once a hire fee has been paid it is non-refundable as that garment is marked for you! Customers are given a 24 hour cancellation period beginning from the time of purchase where an exchange or credit can be offered.


Guys, we’ve said it before but just in case you weren’t paying attention, Vogue Style Hire reserves the right to charge the customer the recommended retail price (RRP) to replace the dress and you will be charged within 14 days if the order is unreturned or damaged.

One more time for good measure, are you paying attention? If unpaid, after 14 days you WILL be charged. If there are insufficient funds or you refuse to make payment, this fee will turn into a debt and will be passed onto our debt collectors. The customer is liable for recovery fees as well as the Vogue Style Hire fee.  

Now maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and the garment can be repaired for an amount less than the RRP (phew), Vogue Style Hire reserves the right to charge the customer this value. Here’s hoping the garment isn’t booked for a back-to-back hire, if another hire cannot be fulfilled due to the delay in repair of the garment, the customer is liable to pay an additional hire fee.

At Vogue Style Hire, we embrace life and all the fun that comes with it, just remember to be mindful when using fake tanning products, perfume, makeup, food, drinks, stamps etc when hiring a garment. In the event that a stain prevents a garment from being rehired, Vogue Style Hire reserves the right to charge you a dry cleaning fee and/or RRP.

Now we hope you’re seeing the trend here…Vogue Style Hire reserves the right to recharge the customer a hiring fee/late fee for any garment's that are not returned within the specified and agreed hire period. If you lose or steal an item you will be charged the garment's RRP. These garments are our babies so see yourself as a babysitter, you accept full responsibility for the safekeeping and wellbeing of our garments. 

We know relationships are about give and take so Vogue Style Hire treat every hire garment with the utmost care and love to ensure they arrive with everyone in great condition. If you receive a garment or service that you think is below par, you must notify Vogue Style Hire with your reasons immediately after delivery or collection. Time is of the essence, and you will lose any right to dispute the quality of the product or service after this initial period. Every one of our garments is inspected carefully and examined thoroughly by our amazing team at Vogue Style Hire, so we know it is highly unlikely damages have been missed. No one is perfect and these dresses have been worn so any minor faults and postage fees are non-refundable. 


It pays to be on time! ALL customers must comply with a standardised Late Fee Policy that Vogue Style Hire will enforce to protect our services. Vogue Style Hire and all of our customers (including you) depend on our garments being returned in an efficient manner.

 If your hire period is scheduled to end over a weekend, relax and enjoy yourself, just make sure you get to the post office by 4pm the following business day (Monday), to return the garment. If you pick up/drop off your order, we will request you take a little weekend drive to return the garment by 4pm on the last day of your hire period.

Just in case you’re thinking of being cheeky, you should know, Vogue Style Hire keeps record of all returning tracking numbers to ensure we always know and can track where our garments are. We keep it simple…therefore, it is not our responsibility if you do not properly lodge your return so we can track the package on the Australia Post website. 
If your parcel does not arrive back with Vogue Style Hire in the timeframe necessary and no tracking is shown on Australia Post, you are liable for recovery fees.

Weekday hires must be correctly posted or dropped back by 4pm on the last day of the hire period. 

We have to think of ALL of our customers, so for each day a garment is late, a fee of $35 is charged. We know our customers are great, but if you do not pay a late fee or return your garment, this is a direct violation of Vogue Style Hire’s Term's & Conditions.

Vogue style Hire reserves the right to charge the credit card on file, or otherwise collect payment from you and pursue any avenues available to Vogue Style Hire in this regard. If we are unable to charge the credit card on file or otherwise collect payment from you, you agree to remit payment for the additional hire period (if applicable). Unpaid fees and charges will be passed on to a debt-collection service. The customer is liable to pay for the recovery fee as well as their late fee. 

Now, we’re no gangsters, but if you decide to run away with one of our garments, we do reserve the right to track you down, through friends, family or even the police.

Late fees will be capped at 2 weeks or up to the RRP whichever is larger unless Vogue Style Hire have decided to be generous and have agreed in writing with you otherwise. After 2 weeks, if the order is unreturned you will be charged any remaining amounts.


We know sometimes things just don’t fit quite the right way. If this is the case when you receive your garment, just get in touch with us within 2 hours of receiving the dress via email or DM and if the item is placed back in the post by 4pm the same day we can refund the hire cost less postage and a small restock fee of $25


After you fill out your application to become a lender with us, (Vogue Style Hire) and we (Vogue Style Hire) approve your application you automatically are signing up to become a Lender on our (Vogue Style Hire) website and automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions Listed on Vogue Style Hire website.   

By agreeing to rent/lend your dress to Vogue Style Hire you acknowledge that it is in the best interest of the Lender to purchase Lenders Insurance, a one-time fee paid to Vogue Style Hire to ensure that if your dress is stolen, you, the lender will be insured up to a certain agreed amount. The Lenders Insurance will cover the Lender should their garment be stolen or unrepairable. The Lender will be covered for up to $550 for Tier 1 and 2 or $1000 for Lenders on the Tier 3. In order to access Vogue Style Hire Lenders Insurance, Lenders must list an accurate and verifiable recommended retail price and have always complied with these terms. It is not Vogue Style Hire responsibility to remind the Lender to purchase insurance before their dress gets hired out via Vogue Style Hire website. If the Lenders Insurance is not taken out before the first hire of the lenders dress they are lending, Vogue Style Hire is not liable to pay compensation to the lender if the dress is not returned or damaged.

Vogue Style Hire reserves the rights to ask for receipts of the purchased dress or bank statement to ensure the price information and the authentication of the dress.

Once the lenders dress has been hired the insurance has been activated and this once off payment is non-refundable. If the lenders dress does not get hired after 16 weeks (16 weeks being the minimum period to lend your dress on Vogue Style Hire website) and the lender chooses to take back their dress and no longer wants to be a lender with Vogue Style Hire, this fee will be returned to the lender along with their dress and the contract will be void.

Each Lenders Insurance is valid for 1 dress. If the Lender decides to rent more than 1 dress on Vogue Style Hires website, it is up to them, the lender to purchase insurance for each dress. 

Once the Lender has signed up to become a Lender, they must have the agreed dress/es dry cleaned ready for drop off. Vogue Style Hire will create a hire price based on the brand, RRP and condition of the Lenders chosen garment/s. The Lender will be paid an agreed percentage of the final hire price of their rented dress/es which will be agreed on before the dress goes live on the website. The percentage the Lender is paid will be calculated after dry cleaning, website/ transaction fees, marketing and operational costs have been deducted. If Vogue Style Hire runs a promotion or a discount code is used to hire the lenders dress this discount will be deducted form the pay out figure. Payments will be paid on the last day of each month. Payments will be paid to the Lender via bank transfer to their nominated account.

The Lender reserves the right to remove their dress/es off Vogue Style Hire website granted their dress has no future bookings, undergone marketing on Instagram within the past 3 weeks or been on the website for less then 4 months from the time the Lender confirms their contract. It is the Lenders responsibility to either pay for postage or pick up the dress for return.

Once the exchange has been made, Vogue Style Hire will pay for any future costs of the dress/s to be dry cleaned or altered to ensure they stay in the best condition.

The Lender can borrow their dress whenever they please as long as the dress is not  already hired by a customer. The Lender agrees to have the garment dry cleaned with proof of purchase or pay Vogue Style Hire the dry-cleaning fee when returning the dress. It is the lenders responsibility to pay for postage if they choose to borrow their dress and can not collect their dress at a time available on Vogue Style Hire website.